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Freezing temperatures can cause the formation of paraformaldehyde. This appears as white inclusions. Do not use if you are using formaldehyde to treat fish parasites. Paraformaldehyde is TOXIC to fish. Store above 4.4°C (40°F) For chemical quality assurance, our chemicals are „factory fresh“ from qualified industrial chemical suppliers. To ensure the highest quality, we DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS from chemical purchases, even if the container is not opened. Formaldehyde products are most often used to preserve human or animal tissues when preserving or embalming samples. Formaldehyde is also used to make adhesives and polymers, as well as in general analysis and testing laboratories. Formaldehyde can be found as an aqueous solution, melamine resin and even as urea-formaldehyde. This 30 g bottle of formaldehyde is a 37% solution used to make preservatives. Contains 11% methanol. Below is the formaldehyde density, formula, alternative name and much more! poison; Read the warnings carefully.

Read more Methanol is used to slow down the formation of paraformaldehyde. Paraformaldehyde is the polymer form of formaldehyde. Paraformaldehyde is a solid and formaldehyde is a gas. Formaldehyde solutions consist of formaldehyde gas dissolved in a solvent of any kind. ReAgent is accredited according to the ISO 9001 quality standard for the production and supply of formaldehyde. Our industry experience also spans 40 years and makes us chemical suppliers you can count on. Formaldehyde is an organic compound and the simplest aldehyde. At room temperature, formaldehyde is a gas. However, it can also be contained in liquid form in a solution at concentrations of up to 30-40%. Formaldehyde is stabilized with about 4% methanol and can be very toxic. Formaldehyde in its pure form is a gas.

The maximum concentration of formaldehyde in aqueous solution is approximately 37 % by weight. This corresponds to a solution of approximately €13.3 million. Art.Nr. 252549 is an aqueous solution of formaldehyde with methanol to prevent the polymerization of formaldehyde to paraformaldehyde. Over time (for example. B when a large amount of methanol evaporates), the solution can precipitate the insoluble paraformaldehyde. To break this polymer, gentle heating must suffice. The polymer form has a very low solubility in water. Colorless aqueous solution of formaldehyde in deionized water, stabilized with 15% methyl alcohol. Shipping information can be found in section 14 of the product(M) SDS.To access shipping information for this material, use the link on the product detail page for the product. .

The storage conditions recommended by a Sigma-Aldrich catalog and label for products are deliberately conservative. For many products, long-term storage at low temperatures increases the length of time they should remain within specifications and are therefore labeled accordingly. If short-term storage, delivery time or exposure to conditions other than those recommended for long-term storage do not affect the quality of the product, Sigma-Aldrich will be delivered at room temperature. Products that are sensitive to short-term exposure to conditions other than their recommended long-term storage are shipped on wet or dry ice. Room temperature shipping helps control shipping costs for our customers. Our customers can request the shipment of wet or dry ice at any time, but special handling is the responsibility of the customer if our product history shows that the product is stable for regular shipping. For more information, see Shipping and Storage. Yes, 37% is a reference to the weight percentage solution.

Unless otherwise stated, this is the common practice for reporting the concentration as a percentage. In terms of volume percentage, this solution would represent about 40% of the volume. This item only ships Economy or UPS to a mailing address in all 50 U.S. states. Our team of scientists has experience in all areas of research, including life sciences, materials science, chemical synthesis, chromatography, analysis and many more. Looking for similar products? See the Product Comparison Guide Formaldehyde only ships with FedEx Standard Ground or UPS to destinations in the 48 contiguous U.S. states and Canada • No air delivery allowed • Customers in Canada should expect additional duties, taxes and customs clearance fees due on delivery. My Science Perks members earn at least $0.13 for this article. Sign up or create a free HST account to start earning today Read all the warnings and SDS sheets before using them. DO NOT FALL INTO SEWERS, ON THE GROUND OR INTO A BODY OF WATER.

All disposal practices must comply with all federal, state/provincial and local laws and regulations. Regulations may vary from place to place. The characterization of waste and compliance with applicable laws are the sole responsibility of the waste producer. AS A SUPPLIER, WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES OR MANUFACTURING PROCESSES OF THE PARTS HANDLING OR USING THIS MATERIAL. THE INFORMATION PRESENTED HERE APPLIES ONLY TO THE PRODUCT AS SHIPPED IN THE INTENDED CONDITION AS DESCRIBED IN THE MSDS: Composition Information SECTION. FOR UNUSED AND UNCONTAMINATED PRODUCTS, preferred options include shipping to an authorized incinerator or other authorized thermal destruction device. . Formaldehyde can be used in several applications in different fields. A common application is that this product is a common building block for the synthesis of more complex compounds and materials. Suitable for manufacturing (laboratory chemicals) If available for a specific product, you will find the recommended repetition date or expiration date on the Certificate of Analysis. WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals such as formaldehyde, which is known to cause cancer in the state of California, and methanol, which is known to cause birth defects or other reproductive damage in the state of California. .